Re-examining ‘the Troubles’ Through Studying Objects

By Erin Hinson- Wherever you are reading this blog, I want you to look around and notice the personal objects you have with you. Whether in your office, at your home, on a bus or a train, chances are you are carrying or have displayed several objects that are personally significant. These objects – be... Continue Reading →


Ulster Loyalism and Academic Writing

By Connal Parr- I suspect anyone who peppers his papers with “heuristic”, “hegemony”, “paradigm”, “problematic”, “reification”, “homology” and the like. One can sometimes work through unintelligible and certainly rebarbative papers only to realise at the end that, though what they say is sensible and in some ways perceptive, it could have been said almost entirely... Continue Reading →

Was the Provisional IRA’s Campaign Sectarian?

By Martin McCleery – For over 20 years there has been an on-going scholarly debate over the nature of the Provisional Irish Republican Army’s [PIRA] campaign during the Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’, largely conducted in the journal Terrorism and Political Violence. This discourse emerged in 1997 with an engagement between Robert White and Steve Bruce. White... Continue Reading →

Journalists and the Troubles – ‘The best journalistic training ground in the world’.

By Oliver O’Hanlon- “The best journalistic training ground in the world” is how editors, Deric Henderson and Ivan Little, described the ‘Troubles’ in their recently book on journalists’ recollections of reporting the Northern Ireland conflict. [1] The book draws on the memories of sixty-eight newspaper and television journalists, from Britain and Ireland. While reading it... Continue Reading →

The Case of Northern Ireland and the Basque Country

By Maria Reyes Baztán – Internationalism has proven to be central to various world conflicts, but especially to ethnonationalist struggles. Across the world, different nationalist movements have attempted to internationalise themselves, comparing their own situations to that of other oppressed nations. This shared feeling of oppression can often be a source of connection that transcends... Continue Reading →

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