Troubling ‘bad scripts’: The Potential of Walking Methodologies and In-Situ Research in Northern Ireland

By Joseph S. Robinson and Andrew G. McClelland - Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with an on-going, productive debate regarding the utility of interviews and oral histories for researching and writing the ‘Troubles.’ This debate evolved out of an exchange between Thomas Leahy and Martin McCleery. Patrick Finnegan’s response seems to us... Continue Reading →

Republican Masculinity and the ‘Troubles’

By Bethan Johnson- In the opening pages of his 2001 work Masculinities and Culture, John Beynon reminded his readers: ‘Men are not born with masculinity as part of their genetic makeup; rather it is something into which they are acculturated and which is composed of social codes of behaviour which they learn to reproduce in... Continue Reading →

Heaney and the “Troubles”

By Richard Bourke - History, Seamus Heaney wrote, tells us not to hope. The claim is made in his free translation of Sophocles’ Philoctetes – or rough translation, I should say, since Heaney had no Greek.[1] In the Heaney version, or adaptation, the chorus cajoles the audience to believe that there are moments when the... Continue Reading →

Rave as an Affective Subcultural Movement

By Sophie Anders-  Northern Ireland is no stranger to subcultural movements. One only needs to venture into the cathedral quarter of Belfast to glimpse a bustling and vibrant drag scene, or dander on down to city hall to witness a new generation of punks and goths marking out a space for expressing their individuality. Subcultures... Continue Reading →

Voicing Republican Feminism(s)

By Aimée Walsh- My PhD examines testimonies and political writing of gender and the Irish nation between 1975 and 1986. During this time republican prison protest was rife. As such, fractures between the feminist and republican movements were opened. Nationalist feminism in the north of Ireland is an area which has yet to be explored... Continue Reading →

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