Voices ‘From Below’ and why we need to start listening

By Kevin Hearty- If we are prepared to tell our own story then we must be prepared to let others do the same... Some months ago a former member of the security forces accosted me over my monograph Critical Engagement: Irish Republicanism, Memory Politics and Policing. I was accused of peddling ‘untruths’, trying to ‘rewrite... Continue Reading →


I, Dolours… Broadcasting a Psychopath?

By Dieter Reinisch- The recent RTÉ screening of the I, Dolours documentary, directed by Maurice Sweeney, received much media attention in Ireland and was reviewed by several national newspapers, including the Irish Times, Irish Independent, and Irish Mirror. The documentary is, indeed, a gripping, and at times disturbing, insight into the history of the Northern... Continue Reading →

Foucault and Ulster

By Seán Brennan – Writing about ‘the Troubles’ can be complex. In a range of areas, from the interpretive to the conceptual and the methodological, selecting as well as attempting to write a PhD thesis as a mature, self-funding, part-time PhD student can be challenging. Such complexities pale into insignificance, however, when the subject for... Continue Reading →

Ulster Loyalism and Academic Writing

By Connal Parr- I suspect anyone who peppers his papers with “heuristic”, “hegemony”, “paradigm”, “problematic”, “reification”, “homology” and the like. One can sometimes work through unintelligible and certainly rebarbative papers only to realise at the end that, though what they say is sensible and in some ways perceptive, it could have been said almost entirely... Continue Reading →

Was the Provisional IRA’s Campaign Sectarian?

By Martin McCleery – For over 20 years there has been an on-going scholarly debate over the nature of the Provisional Irish Republican Army’s [PIRA] campaign during the Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’, largely conducted in the journal Terrorism and Political Violence. This discourse emerged in 1997 with an engagement between Robert White and Steve Bruce. White... Continue Reading →

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