Museology of “The Troubles”: Reflections on an Emerging Public History Initiative

By Martin Duffy- Queen’s University recently hosted a lively Forum discussing the question, “Do we need a Museum of the Troubles and Peace?”[1] Devotees of this blog may well have read Dr Katie McClurkin’s thoughtful article, “A Sacred Mission: Envisioning a Troubles Museum” which deftly crystallizes the symbolic burden such a facility inherits in a... Continue Reading →

FRAGMENTS: Remembering the Troubles in Stitch, Sound, and Word

By Eileen Harrisson  - I grew up by Bangor, Co Down and, after obtaining a Joint Honours BA in Italian and Art from Aberystwyth University in June 1975, I returned to Northern Ireland. The severity of the illness that had led to my father being invalided out of the RAF during World War II was... Continue Reading →

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