Towards a Shared Heritage

By Megan Henvey The early medieval high crosses of Ireland may seem an unusual topic for a blog about the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland, but exploration of their scholarly and civic treatment highlights the wide-ranging impact of the conflict and the religio-political divisions in the region, as well as indicating how far we’ve come, and... Continue Reading →

Divided Progress: De-Constructing Time in Belfast

By Laney Lenox-  From September-December 2017, I lived in the Beechmount area of the Falls in West Belfast. Although I had spent an extensive amount of time living in Belfast prior to this, both as an undergraduate and a postgraduate studying post-conflict society, like many international transplants to Belfast I lived in South Belfast near... Continue Reading →

A Space for History

By Sarah Feinstein  –  At the end of this month I submit my doctoral thesis and, as a result, I have found myself thinking about what history as a discipline means to me and has meant to my research, both conceptually and as a practice. My thesis examines the post-closure cultural production and heritage management of... Continue Reading →

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