Interviews: The Poison Chalice of Researching the Troubles

By Martin McCleery  – The first point I would like to make is that I am not against oral histories. Indeed, I think they are of great importance. However, in relation to the Troubles I believe they have become, unfortunately, a poisoned chalice. ‘So you are going to conduct research into how individuals could kill during... Continue Reading →

Writing and Women

By Eli Davies – The starting point for my research is an observation, and it’s by no means an original one: that women’s experiences of the conflict in Northern Ireland are excluded in mainstream discourse - in news coverage; commemorations; in the day-to-day politics of the region. When I began putting together my research proposal I... Continue Reading →

Writing the Troubles Workshop 2017

By Thomas Dolan – The incursion of Arlene Foster, the DUP and, by extension Sinn Féin, back onto the centre-stage of British politics has produced an upsurge of interest in the political situation in Northern Ireland reminiscent of the darker days of its long-running conflict. A fake news article circulating on social media during the fallout... Continue Reading →

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