Unlikely Allies and the “New” Sinn Féin in America

By Samantha Renee Haddad- On March 12, 1996, Gerry Adams spoke at a “Rally for Peace” in New York. The event was sponsored by influential Irish American organizations such as the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) and Irish Northern Aid (Noraid). While at the rally, Adams was confronted by a member of the Irish Lesbian... Continue Reading →

Researching the republican movement: inside and out.

By Daniel Finn The two major Irish conflicts of the last century led to very different outcomes in terms of legality and state formation. The War of Independence gave rise to a new state that established its own form of constitutional legitimacy. The IRA campaign of the 1970s and 80s, on the other hand, could... Continue Reading →

Danny Morrison’s Southern Question

By Brian Hanley – Paying tribute to Gerry Adams recently, Danny Morrison chided southern critics of the (now retired) Sinn Féin leader by asserting that it was ‘so easy, when you have your freedom, to tell those who haven’t how they should have lived, reacted or behaved.’ Moreover, it was ‘hypocritical’ he claimed, to ‘lecture them... Continue Reading →

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