Fragments of Conflict: a sensory history of the ‘Troubles’

By Roisín Higgins It was Christmas 1973 and a little girl drew a picture of the nativity. When her teacher asked ‘if the spiky shape above the stable was a star’, the girl replied, ‘Oh no, Miss – that’s the helicopter’. The child lived in the Creggan in Derry and her school was beside a... Continue Reading →

‘Hate Mail, the History of Emotions, and the Troubles’

By Maggie Scull- ‘You old bastard keep your dirty Irish nose out of English affairs.’* This sentence opens one of the many hateful letters sent to Cardinal William Conway, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, during the early years of the ‘Troubles’. Written just days after Bloody Sunday in 1972, the... Continue Reading →

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