More than music: singing the Troubles in Northern Ireland

By Jess Readett- Music and politics went hand in hand throughout the ‘Troubles’. From the unionist Lambeg drum beating on Orange Day, to Bobby Sands’ lyrics scrawled on the cigarette packets smuggled out of Long Kesh – the ‘Troubles’ had a soundtrack that served as more than mere background music to its players. In the... Continue Reading →

Unearthing histories: Women, hunger and agency

By Deirdre Canavan- Alternative narratives of the ‘Troubles’ are gaining increasing recognition, both in academic circles and in popular culture, particularly those that platform the gaps and absences in available histories. This denotes a broader desire to move away from the dominant accounts in order to gain a consciousness of the ‘Troubles’ that has hitherto... Continue Reading →

Writing the Troubles Workshop 2017

By Thomas Dolan – The incursion of Arlene Foster, the DUP and, by extension Sinn Féin, back onto the centre-stage of British politics has produced an upsurge of interest in the political situation in Northern Ireland reminiscent of the darker days of its long-running conflict. A fake news article circulating on social media during the fallout... Continue Reading →

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