‘Sharing Responsibility’ and the future of Northern Ireland

By Tony Novosel - In the 1978 comedy Animal House, a group of students embark on a drunken road trip in a fellow student’s car. The result? A totalled car and a very distraught student. Seemingly to comfort him, one of the older students puts his arm around him and then calmly says, “C’mon Flounder. You can’t... Continue Reading →

Dr O’Brien will see you now: Conor Cruise O’Brien as doctor to the Irish body politic

By Hugh Hanley- During his lifetime, Conor Cruise O'Brien was one of the most significant and most controversial public intellectuals in Ireland. A diplomat, a historian, a literary critic, a university administrator, a tenured professor, a journalist, a politician, a playwright, O'Brien was also among the most vociferous critics of the Provisional IRA during the... Continue Reading →

Heaney and the “Troubles”

By Richard Bourke - History, Seamus Heaney wrote, tells us not to hope. The claim is made in his free translation of Sophocles’ Philoctetes – or rough translation, I should say, since Heaney had no Greek.[1] In the Heaney version, or adaptation, the chorus cajoles the audience to believe that there are moments when the... Continue Reading →

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