Representing the Working Class in Northern Ireland

By Ciara McAllister- In April this year, as tensions rose in unionist communities over Brexit and policing, images of violence in Belfast flooded our newsfeeds. I was struck by a number of views and responses that I saw repeated by various political, academic and community commentators. On Twitter, the unrest was presented in three ways:... Continue Reading →

‘Living in Crisis’: Troubling Berlant’s Good Life in Anna Burns’ Milkman.

By Katie Barnes- To write fiction about the ‘Troubles’ is to write about crisis. Anna Burns’ Booker Prize winning novel Milkman (2018) reimagines this crisis through the eyes of an eighteen-year-old girl, known as Middle Sister,  who studiously avoids engaging with the history she is living through, however Burns’ narrative is ultimately underpinned by, and... Continue Reading →

Voicing Republican Feminism(s)

By Aimée Walsh- My PhD examines testimonies and political writing of gender and the Irish nation between 1975 and 1986. During this time republican prison protest was rife. As such, fractures between the feminist and republican movements were opened. Nationalist feminism in the north of Ireland is an area which has yet to be explored... Continue Reading →

Writing and Women

By Eli Davies – The starting point for my research is an observation, and it’s by no means an original one: that women’s experiences of the conflict in Northern Ireland are excluded in mainstream discourse - in news coverage; commemorations; in the day-to-day politics of the region. When I began putting together my research proposal I... Continue Reading →

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