Remember the Northern Ireland Troubles…a busy time.

By Patrick Finnegan- It has been a busy time for those following the news on Northern Ireland and the ‘Troubles’. In the space of seven days we saw the death of Willie Frazer, a controversial victim’s campaigner, Conservative leadership hopefuls took to the hustings in Belfast, Colum Eastwood was referred to the Northern Ireland’s attorney... Continue Reading →

Revisiting the Past: Catholic Religious Sisters and the Conflict in Northern Ireland.

By Briege Rafferty – I read with interest Eli Davies’ contribution to Writing the Troubles, and concur with her argument that the voices of women have been marginalised within the historical narrative of the conflict. Indeed, Eilish Rooney’s assessment of the situation is unambiguous: ‘If you want to learn about women in the Northern Irish conflict, you... Continue Reading →

A Space for History

By Sarah Feinstein  –  At the end of this month I submit my doctoral thesis and, as a result, I have found myself thinking about what history as a discipline means to me and has meant to my research, both conceptually and as a practice. My thesis examines the post-closure cultural production and heritage management of... Continue Reading →

Writing and Women

By Eli Davies – The starting point for my research is an observation, and it’s by no means an original one: that women’s experiences of the conflict in Northern Ireland are excluded in mainstream discourse - in news coverage; commemorations; in the day-to-day politics of the region. When I began putting together my research proposal I... Continue Reading →

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