Killing Strangers: How Political Violence Became Modern.

By Tim Wilson- My new book Killing Strangers sets itself a simple exam question to answer: How have forms of political violence changed over time? In answering that question, it attempts to link the changing ‘repertoires’ of protest violence with deeper processes of modernisation. Its arena is Western Europe and North America; its timespan, the... Continue Reading →

Republican Masculinity and the ‘Troubles’

By Bethan Johnson- In the opening pages of his 2001 work Masculinities and Culture, John Beynon reminded his readers: ‘Men are not born with masculinity as part of their genetic makeup; rather it is something into which they are acculturated and which is composed of social codes of behaviour which they learn to reproduce in... Continue Reading →

Was the Provisional IRA’s Campaign Sectarian?

By Martin McCleery – For over 20 years there has been an on-going scholarly debate over the nature of the Provisional Irish Republican Army’s [PIRA] campaign during the Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’, largely conducted in the journal Terrorism and Political Violence. This discourse emerged in 1997 with an engagement between Robert White and Steve Bruce. White... Continue Reading →

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