‘Where were the women?’: Women active service members of the Provisional IRA in the Northern Ireland conflict

By Charitini (Hari) Ntini- In June 1985, twenty-two-year-old Martina Anderson was arrested in a flat in Glasgow along with four others by armed police officers. She was held and questioned for seven days before being flown to London for further interrogations. Within the next year, she was convicted of conspiring to cause explosions in England.[1]... Continue Reading →

Unlikely Allies and the “New” Sinn Féin in America

By Samantha Renee Haddad- On March 12, 1996, Gerry Adams spoke at a “Rally for Peace” in New York. The event was sponsored by influential Irish American organizations such as the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) and Irish Northern Aid (Noraid). While at the rally, Adams was confronted by a member of the Irish Lesbian... Continue Reading →

Dr O’Brien will see you now: Conor Cruise O’Brien as doctor to the Irish body politic

By Hugh Hanley- During his lifetime, Conor Cruise O'Brien was one of the most significant and most controversial public intellectuals in Ireland. A diplomat, a historian, a literary critic, a university administrator, a tenured professor, a journalist, a politician, a playwright, O'Brien was also among the most vociferous critics of the Provisional IRA during the... Continue Reading →

Republican Masculinity and the ‘Troubles’

By Bethan Johnson- In the opening pages of his 2001 work Masculinities and Culture, John Beynon reminded his readers: ‘Men are not born with masculinity as part of their genetic makeup; rather it is something into which they are acculturated and which is composed of social codes of behaviour which they learn to reproduce in... Continue Reading →

Voicing Republican Feminism(s)

By Aimée Walsh- My PhD examines testimonies and political writing of gender and the Irish nation between 1975 and 1986. During this time republican prison protest was rife. As such, fractures between the feminist and republican movements were opened. Nationalist feminism in the north of Ireland is an area which has yet to be explored... Continue Reading →

Foucault and Ulster

By Seán Brennan – Writing about ‘the Troubles’ can be complex. In a range of areas, from the interpretive to the conceptual and the methodological, selecting as well as attempting to write a PhD thesis as a mature, self-funding, part-time PhD student can be challenging. Such complexities pale into insignificance, however, when the subject for... Continue Reading →

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