Visual Voices of the Unheard: Loyalist Murals and Peace Building

By Struan W. J Kennedy- Early on in any serious reading into loyalism, one is likely to encounter two negative perceptions operating in tandem. The first is under-representation, loyalists feel let down by both mainstream unionist politicians and mainstream media. Secondly are cases of misrepresentation, on the rare occasions when certain movements do receive coverage,... Continue Reading →

The Prisons Memory Archive: Stories from a Conflicted Past in a Contested Present

By Cahal McLaughlin- Introduction In 2004, I filmed three interviews back inside the Maze and Long Kesh prison site, which became Inside Stories: Voices from the Gaol. The participants were a former prison officer, a former republican prisoner, and a former loyalist prisoner - all of whom reflected upon their experiences inside the prison. This... Continue Reading →

Writing and Women

By Eli Davies – The starting point for my research is an observation, and it’s by no means an original one: that women’s experiences of the conflict in Northern Ireland are excluded in mainstream discourse - in news coverage; commemorations; in the day-to-day politics of the region. When I began putting together my research proposal I... Continue Reading →

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