Divided Progress: De-Constructing Time in Belfast

By Laney Lenox-  From September-December 2017, I lived in the Beechmount area of the Falls in West Belfast. Although I had spent an extensive amount of time living in Belfast prior to this, both as an undergraduate and a postgraduate studying post-conflict society, like many international transplants to Belfast I lived in South Belfast near... Continue Reading →

Audio-describing the Maze and Long Kesh prison

By Sarah McDonagh- A wide panoramic view of the entire Maze, Long Kesh prison. With its extensive concrete walls, wire fences, exercise yards and administration buildings, the prison appears entirely grey. The Maze and Long Kesh prison.   A row of disused and abandoned Nissen huts.   An empty fortified prison gate.[1] The Maze and... Continue Reading →

A ‘different mental universe’: writing ‘West Belfast’

By Stephen O'Neill – Writing in Fortnight in December 1992, Elizabeth Bouché launched a pithy apologia for the then increasing spate of ‘troubles trash’ novels. Complaining about the standard interpretation of these publications as artistically vacuous, the freelance journalist opened her article with an anecdote about attending ‘a West Belfast Festival seminar on “troubles” novels’ two... Continue Reading →

A Space for History

By Sarah Feinstein  –  At the end of this month I submit my doctoral thesis and, as a result, I have found myself thinking about what history as a discipline means to me and has meant to my research, both conceptually and as a practice. My thesis examines the post-closure cultural production and heritage management of... Continue Reading →

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